16 Aug 2017


Unilite Chemicals (MD; Mr. Nicholas Lim) is a Singapore-based chemical trader. The company has a subsidiary in Malaysia, who is achieving very good growth in the last years. In addition to the two countries, Unilite has been expanding its business in Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In terms of trading business, the company will invest to enhance the efficiency of warehouse operations this year. In addition to reinforcing the existing businesses, the company is also be considering the option to entry into the downstream business in response to the changes in the industrial structure of Singapore.

The company, founded in 1978, has supplied a variety of chemicals to manufacturers – see website.  It has close relationships with suppliers, including major Japanese chemical producers.

As for reinforcing the existing businesses, the company will modernize the warehouse logistics IT system and upgrade their racking operations. The investment will be done by the end of this year.  Unilite is leveraging on the Singapore government national policy to use digital technology.  

Unilite is also engaged in the contract-based chemical blending business and is considering additions in investment when the up-cycle comes along.

In first quarter 2017, domestic exports (non-oil products) in Singapore surged 15.2 per cent and Unilite had also achieved good performance during the period. With the recovery of the regional economy, the company expects better results this year than that of last year.  In Singapore, investments in the chemical and manufacturing sector has been settling on cruising speed. In light of this situation, we are considering to expanding our business vertically. The company has started market research in view of the direct sales of some products in the country.

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